Power Quality

Power Quality

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Access to power is fundamental for survival in today’s society.Every business understands the importance of power for its dayto-day operations, yet a very small percentage of these understand their power quality. Poor power quality could be straining your network, thus affecting your reliability and efficiency, and costing you money.

Understand your power quality Sites with poor power factor have placed the burden of reactive power supply on their energy providers, when, in fact, power could be supplied locally at a much lower price. With the ever-increasing use of electrical devices, harmonic issues are wreaking havoc on sensitive equipment and the network. High Technology Control can help you improve your power factor and mitigate harmonic issues, ensuring that you comply with AS61000.3, while enhancing your economic, social and environmental bottom line.

Economic impact

With many utilities already charging maximum kilovolt ampere (KVA) tariffs, those utilities left behind will soon follow suit. Improving your power quality not only saves you money upfront on your electricity bill, but also increases your power capacity and longevity without major infrastructure investment.

Environmental impact

Public awareness surrounding energy creation and usage is at an all-time high. By improving your power quality, you are having a positive impact on the environment and adding value to your brand.

Social impact

Social identity plays a huge role in today’s business environment. It is vital for organisations to be community partners to increase their brand recognition and acceptance. Improving your power quality not only affects your site, but also reduces the burden on your neighbours and the local network.

ABB has been driving development in the field of power quality for over 70 years and been responsible for several important development stages in capacitor and filtering technologies.

ABB Power quality products enable trouble-free and efficient operation of your electrical installation and sensitive loads.

ABB extensive product is on the forefront of technology and allows users to comply with even the most stringent of utility power quality regulations

Active Filters

ABB power quality

ABB PQF active filters can be applied to small, medium or large applications and are suitable for both industrial and commercial installations. They provide harmonic mitigation, load balancing and stepless reactive power control for inductive and capacitive loads. Selection from the large choice of ratings between 30 A and 3600 A enables the optimal solution for your system to be easily defined.

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Power Factor Correction


The ABBACUS is a packaged reactive compensation system which combines primary components, and
secondary control and protection, within a compact modular enclosure. The system can be either configured as a fixed or switched capacitor bank. The switched bank consists of single or multiple steps, automatically controlled to improve power factor. The design of the ABBACUS provides compensation for both electrical distribution utilities and large industrial power users including mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, wind farms, plastics and heavy industry.

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