Fagor DRO

Fagor DRO

FAGOR DRO, the highest quality and technology for increasing the productivity of your lathe or mill, guarantees the greatest profitability.

Digital Readouts with FAGOR DRO


Ergonomic and easy to use.

  • Sturdy aluminium body.
  • Reliable thanks to their advanced design and production technology.
  • Complying with the most demanding standards, with CE certification.

Featuring the following functions:

  • Presetting
  • Axis coupling
  • Feeback reading maintained with the DRO off; DISPLAY OFF mode.
  • Data safety storage in EEPROM.
  •  Absolute and/or incremental counting per axis.

Linear Transducers


FAGOR DRO scales provide guaranteed quality with extreme accuracy.

  • Resolutions of 0.005/0.01 mm
  • Accuracy from +/-0.01 mm
  • Measuring travels:
  • – MT: 120mm to 1240mm
  • – CT: 220mm to 3040mm
  • – FT: 3240mm to 30m
  • Measurement:

With optoelectronic technology, by means of chromed glass scale in FT transducers.

Sealing protection: IP 53

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