8055 CNC Series

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8055 CNC Series Fagor

Because the CNC 8050 MC/TC is a CNC for mills and lathes which, due to its versatility and capability, offers maximum features with absolute ease of operation.

The Fagor 8055 is a powerful CNC designed to meet the most demanding Machine-Tool applications: lathes and turning centers, milling machines, machining centers and general purpose applications. Due to its great calculating power and processing speed this CNC offers high-end features with the maximum programming versatility.

Easy to program thanks to its profile editor and its
interactive editor. Easy to install thanks to its PLC Logic Analyzer.

Any operator, with no previous knowledge of programming, can take care of any need that arises with absolute effieciency. All they have to do is key in the machining conditions and the geometric data of the part.8055tc.gif (17846 bytes)

The 8055 MC/TC is the latest member of the Fagor family. Its features mean that this new generation can make handling even easier and offer an enhanced range of performance, which provides the user with a CNC as easy to use as a DRO.

The conversational models of the Fagor 8055 series CNCs offer all the standard features of that CNC plus an interactive graphic interface, thanks to which, no programming knowledge is required to operate them.

  • Machining simulation with graphics in 3D, solid and for tool path.
  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation of up to 7 axes simultaneously.
  • Intelligent profile editor.

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