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Fagor CNC

CNC 8070


(up to 28 axes)

FAGOR AUTOMATION, S. COOP., has expanded their new CNC family with the new FAGOR 8070 CNC, especially designed for high speed machining applications.

The FAGOR 8070 CNC can control up to 28 axes, 3 spindles and 4 handwheels with extremely fast execution times. Being an open system windows based CNC, it has very flexible programming capability and data storage capacity and can be customised to suit almost any CNC or Motion control application.

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CNC 8055


(up to 7 axes)

The Fagor 8055 is a powerful CNC designed to meet the most demanding Machine-Tool applications such as lathes and turning centres, milling machines, machining centres and general purpose applications. It uses a powerful CPU with fast execution times and has high-end features such as Ethernet and Tele Diagnostics for off line maintenance and program management.

The Fagor 8055 has the ability to be programmed using standard iso programs or high level programming statements as well as Fagor Conversation mode programming. Machining simulation with graphics in 3D, solid and for tool path Linear, circular and helical interpolation of up to 7 axes simultaneously.
It also has an Intelligent profile editor and on board logic analyser.

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CNC 8037


 (up to 3 axes )

The FAGOR 8037 CNC is the same family as the 8055 CNC models and is especially designed for retrofit applications and lower cost machine tools with a maximum of 3 axes. It has a 7.5″ colour LCD and comes with both ISO G code programming & program assistance and optional full conversation programming.

It has USB memory capability and the inbuilt PLC has 40 inputs and 24 outputs as well as the ability to add remote I/O modules. The Fagor model 8037 has been manufactured with the same footprint size as the GE Mark Century one, Fagor 8010, 8020, 8025 CNC making it an ideal candidate to retrofit these model controls.



  • Compact and small for simple machines.

Designed to make the operator’s job easier

  • ISO language programming.
  • Interactive editor in machining canned cycles.
  • Teach-in editing.
  • Tool Inspection.

Analog and digital solution

  • · Makes retrofitting with an analog servo system easier

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