BEI Encoders

BEI Encoders

BEI are a world Leader in the Optical Rotary Encoder Market

BEI are now offering the latest state of art Linear Encoder technology with patented Spherosyn electromagnetic induction which uses steel instead of the traditional glass scale.

The new BEI LN series incremental linear encoder provides exceptional rugged position sensing. They are ideal for a variety of harsh environments in a wide range of motion control applications. LN linear encoders are:

  • Well-sealed
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • With High Traverse Rates

Advantages of using BEI LN Linear Encoders?

BEI Rotary Encoders

For precise feedback positioning control

High Technology Control stocks BEI Industrial Encoders. BEI manufacture and market precision optical rotational position sensors for industrial applications such as:

Factory Automation and machine control on all CNC machines, robotics and special purpose machine applications where precise position feedback is required.

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