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High performance PWM Brushless Servo Amplifiers for Brushless Servo Motors


Glentek models SMA82x5, are PWM Sinusoidal brushless servo amplifiers. This type utilises resolver feedback for both speed, torque and postion loop feedback.
The amplifier implements a modular “open” construction for ease of installation and service.

For multi axes applications, an assortment of baseplates are available utilising modular plug-in amplifiers.
All systems utilise Glentek’s unique TORQUE-SWITCH technology and are the result of their 30 years experience in design and manufacturing experience.

Omega Series Digital Brushless Servo Amplifiers for AC Brushless Servo Motors


The Omega Series Digital Servo Amplifiers Offer the latest technology for the controlling of both Linear and rotary AC servo motors .The amplifier can be configured using the supplied software to accommodate a wide range of motor parameters and can accept many modes of speed control including pulse follower and +/- 10V input.

The amplifier has the same “open” construction as the SMA82x5 series and comes with supplied PC software for easy motor set up.

High performance PWM Servo Amplifiers for DC Brush Servo Motors

These servo amplifiers are designed to operate with DC brush servo motors. They incorporate pulse width modulation (PWM) current control for maximum amplifier efficiency. Range in output power from 4 to 200 amps with axis capacity from 1 to 6 axes.

Brushless & Brush amplifier Features:

  • Silent operation: Due to the use of a carier frequency of 20KHz, audible noise is eliminated.
  • Ergonomic Design: Easy access to connections, adjustments and test points.
  • LED Diagnostics: Dedicated LED’s illuminate to indicate various faults.
  • Multi-mode Operation: The amplifier can be configured for velocity mode or curent mode operation.
  • Current Limit: Peak motor current is adjustable.
  • Fault Input/Output: Allows all axes to be wired OR gated together to shut down all amplifiers should any amplifier have a fault.
  • High-speed and Low-speed Electronic Circuit Breakers: Shuts amplifier down in the advent of motor short circuit and overcurrent condition respectively.

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