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With the FAGOR Digital AC Servo System, it is possible to control several drive modules for brushless AC servomotors (synchronous) as well as for induction motors (asynchronous). The modules are powered by a single power supply. With digital vector control of position, velocity and torque.

By performing all the internal processing using digital technology and VECTOR CONTROL techniques, the three control loops (position, velocity and torque) are calculated.


1. Encoder Simulation Card (optional)

The number of encoder pulses per revolution, programmable marker pulse may be set by parameter.

2. Motor Feedback Card

Reads the signals fed back from either the resolver or an encoder mounted on the motor, offering the exact rotor position and speed.

3. SERCOS Interface Card (alternative option to the analog interface)

Precise and efficient fibre optic interface via SERCOS communications standard for position, velocity and torque command. The fibre optic link assures total immunity against noise and permits extremely simple cabling between modules.

4. RS-232 Card

For connecting to a PC in order to monitor the system and set its parameters.

5. Standard Analog Interface Card

It offers the possibility of using 2 analogue signals +/- 10V or 0-20mA 14 bits, as velocity and/or torque reference, thus enabling interface to a number of control devices. It also has 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs along with 2 analogue outputs all of which may be parameter configured.

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