Australia's Leader in Electrical Control and Automation of Machinery

High Technology Control are proud to represent ABB as one of their leading Value Provider Sales and Support organisations


High Technology Control offer you a diverse array of products.
From dedicated CNC's, servo motors, servo drives and ABB Variable Speed drives to flexible PC System Motion Control cards. We stock a full range of Fagor DRO's and BEI rotary encoders.

Industrial Services

We are one of the leading companies in Australia when it comes to Electrical Control and the Automation of machinery.
Our role is to bring projects from the concept stage to a fully functional machine of the highest possible quality.

Medical Services

Our Medical service division is one of the largest and most respected specialist groups in the country.
We specialise in the servicing and calibration of a large variety of medical Autoclaves and hospital equipment including specialist operating tables and procedural chairs.

ABB Products